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On this wiki, you have a free read access (without registering) to the content of the “For Everyone” section. Others sections are dedicated to peoples either member of the BOLAY.CO - IT group or member of my family group. For any questions, you can contact me by email info (at) bolay (dot) co.

For Everyone

Teaching Courses

Ci-dessous, vous trouvez la liste des fichiers utilisé durant différents cours, depuis l'année 2006 à maintenant.




operating systems


IT solutions



  1. ACDSN This is a daemon used to talk to NiX1 through a RS485 network.


  1. ACDSN-A This is the Access Client interface to manage ACDSN (The version compiled for easyAccess).
  2. ACDSN-A-FX This is the list of functions available on the ACDSN Access Control slave.
  3. ACDSN-A-KS This is the list of functions needed to control ACDSN through a Web Service.
  4. ACDSN-A-SD This is the file to helps to configure a NiX1 used for access control.


  1. ACDSN-sC-FX This is the list of functions available on the ACDSN sControl Slave.
  2. ACDSN-iC-FX This is the list of functions available on the ACDSN iControl Slave.


  1. easyaccess-app The easyAccess application to program keys and manage ACDSN-A


Le coin de mes coups de gueule

Les stores du bien-être et sa petite page illustrée montrant des malfaçons produites par Schenker Stores (Schenker Storen).

For Personal Notes Only

Access restricted to registered users participating in appropriate projects only.

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