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A selection of good links

My personal contribution to the WWW

  • pediGrim Practicing the pedibus in Grimisuat.

IRO's IT Websites

  • webIRO A collection of freely available genetic tools
  • pedIRO A pedigree drawer
  • genIRO A tool to order panel of genetics marker by chromosomes.
  • lodIRO Compute LODscore with Genehunter and/or autoscan based on genetics markers.
  • snpIRO Same as above, but for SNP's
  • amIRO This is a testing version of our animal manager tool.
  • Syndroc The phenotype to genotype and vice versa database.
  • Swisszebra The swiss zebrafish meeting homepage.

IRO's IT contribution to Sourceforge


  • W3C The World Wide Web Consortium.


  • CSS2.1 The W3C reference guide for CSS2.1.



Web Accessibility

Java (Applet)


Friends Websites

LOL Maybe the only one links overview which denounce who is doing what!!!

  • i-james Etienne Bagnoud - This is the website of tchetch and co and his wiki.
  • supersmoos Vincent Luyet - Testing, Testing and Testing again the Web 2.0
  • swisskarting David Puippe - Do you kart?
  • skiski Nicolas Lonfat - Do you want to go skiing and do not have a car?
  • digipict Cédric Schöpfer - Sandra & Cédric get married!
  • y-ybar Martial Geiser - My y-ybar friend!

Commercial Relationship

  • pc-profi Our preferred informatics dealer
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