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Scope of delivery

Position Quantity Description
A 1 NiX1-MB card assembled with a NiX1-PWRCON card
B 1 Installation manual
C 1 120 Ohm resistor

Product Description

Position Description

Type Label

Position Description Explanation

Symbol on the Type Label

Symbol Description Explanation
CE marking The NiX1 Module complies with the requirements of the applicable EC directives.


Device Overview

Position Description

Connecting the NiX1 Module

To achieve a good signal quality, observe the cable recommendation

Disturbance of Data Transmission due to AC Cables During operation, AC cables generate an electromagnetic fiel which may induce interference in plant communication.
  • Lay the RS485 communication cables using suitable fastening material and with a minimum clearance of 50mm to the AC cables.

The SD card content

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