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$sudo aptitude update
$sudo aptitude install libdigest-hmac-perl
$sudo aptitude install libdevice-serialport-perl
(462  sudo aptitude install liblocales-perl) => is necessary?
$sudo aptitude install libintl-perl
$sudo aptitude install libnet-ssh2-perl
(486  sudo aptitude install libtry-tiny-perl) => only necessary if try{}catch{} is used
$sudo aptitude install libpar-packer-perl

493  sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales
511  locale -a
514  export LANG=fr_FR
531  export LANG=en_US

in Debian, the error:

variable is not of type Wx::Window at line zz

means there is probably a missing library. Try to find it, then aptitude search it with lib… and then aptitude install it.
It may also be an error somewhere in the source code which has absolutely nothing to do with the error. So try to isolate part after part to find the problematic section.

Debian: $:/media/psf/Home/Sites/GIT/easyaccess-app$ locale -a C en_US.utf8 français french fr_FR ⇒ for this, you have to select fr_FR ISO-8859-1 in dpkg-reconfigure locales fr_FR.iso88591 POSIX

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