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The following line shows how to address and communicate with a NiX1 slave over a RS485 line.

 ^               ^^^
 |               |||
 |               ||- option
 |               |-- argument
 |               --- command
 ---- address


Label Command
delete D
new N
query Q



Label Arguments Options Comments
format a
delete file g <filename>
restart s
delete wire w <sid> address of device to delete
delete tmp files y delete file for Newfile fct


Label Arguments Options Comments
new alarm status a <value> set the alarm value
new discontinuation d <discontinuation> set the timeout value after which the slave consider itself to be abandoned by the server
new file g <filename>\t<CRC>
new buzzer mode j <mode> buzzer activated or not
new limit l <sid>\t<limitL>\t<limitH>\t<resolution> set alarm boundaries
new mode m <mode> NiX1 enable/disable
new firmware n <filename>\t<CRC>\t<retry times>
new recess r <recess> scan-rate interval
new general status s <value> set value in NiX general status
new timestamp t <timestamp>\t<TZ> only if RTC defined (used to synchronize clock)
new wire w 0 scan the lines and return the number of OW device found
<sid>\t<suid>\t<mode> add an OW device to the desired address (only families 20 and 28)
new file packet y <nbrPacket>/t<blockLength>/t<CRC>/t<block>
new baudrate z <baudrate>


Label Arguments Options Comments
query alarm status a number of sensors in alarm
query discontinuation status d no query from server timeout
query file g <filename>\t<limit>
query extension i <extension> give a list of files with the extension desired (TXT,1, …)
query buzzer status j
query mode m NiX1 active or not
query firmware version n
query recess r scan-rate intervall
query general status s
query timestamp t only if RTC is defined
query value x <sid> give the temperature of the device


Options Comments
<block> block content (each char is formatted in 2 ascii in hexa value) ⇒ 'a' = 0x61 ⇒ sent : “61”
<blockLength> length of the actual block in bytes
<CRC> 16 bits value
<discontinuation> 0 to 4294967295 [seconds] (if 0 we don't care about discontinuation)
<filename> File on uSD: CONFIG.TXT, KEYS.TXT …
<limitH> Higher alarm limit (integer from -128 to +127)
<limitL> Lower alarm limit (integer from -128 to +127)
<nbrPacket> packet total number for a file
<mode> 0 [disable] or 1 [enable]
<recess> 0 to 65534 [seconds] (~18H) (if 0 we don't care about check sensors alarms)
<resolution> decimal resolution (0→0.5, 1→0.25, 2→0.125 and 3→0.0625)
<suid> alias of iButton on 8 char ['0-9'-'A-Z'-'a-z'] like 0A0b0009
<timestamp> 0 to 9'999'999'999 [seconds since 1.1.1970]
<timezone> -1200 to +1400

Return Code (HEX)

Code Transmission Functions

Configuration Files (Micro-SD)

These files can be found on the Micro-SD of a NiX.


File where all events are recorded (Timeout, alarm, …). # is the extension of day of year

First line:

Field Name Description Example
timestamp The timestamp of the time when the NiX start 1400578529
slave address SID of NiX 271A2100000000F3
general status Last general status of NiX before the start (in hex format) 00


Field Name Description Example
timestamp The timestamp when a event appears 1400610063
error Description of the event 21EAF5320000000E
1424700000	Slave ID: 2712213200000013	General status: 00
1424708939	Timeout begin
1424708939	Alarm on device 281006FF01000099 alias qwertzui
1424708949	Alarm on device 281006FF01000099 alias qwertzui
1424708959	Alarm on device 281006FF01000099 alias qwertzui
1424708969	Alarm on device 281006FF01000099 alias qwertzui
1424708979	Alarm on device 281006FF01000099 alias qwertzui
1424708989	Alarm on device 281006FF01000099 alias qwertzui
1424709072	Timeout end
1424709082	Timeout begin
1424709141	Timeout end


This file contains the minimal configuration with which the NiX cans run autonomously.



This file contains the link between the iDevice's address, the iDevice's now, the iDevice's SID and the iDevice's identification(suid). The extension XX is the 2 last character of the SID.

Field Name Description Example
sid Sid of the iDevice 281006FF01000099
suid The identification of the iDevice 0AbCd77a
enable Parameter to say if the device is enable or not 1
281006FF01000099	DDDDDDDD	1
281007AF01000099	Abc12340	0
281C59FF00000099	003234Al	1
289087A0F1000099	00000b0a	1


This file is created when we do the command Nw0, NiX1 search in all now for connected iDevices.

Field Name Description Example
now The identification of the line where the device is connected 1
sid Sid of the iDevice 281006FF01000099
2	2712213200000013
0       281007AF01000031
1	281006FF01000099

Temperatures Files

These files contain the temperatures read each scan rate when the NiX1 is in timeout and temperatures read when the master make a query value. The suid is the name of the file and the extension is the day of the year (ex: 01010101.237). 25 august is the 237 day of year.

Field Name Description Example
NiX1_timestamp The timestamp of NiX1 when he makes the check (UTC) 1424708939
sid SID of the device 21EAF5320000000E
temperatures Temperatures measured each scan rate when timeout (in decimal format) -12.2500
1424708939	281006FF01000099	23.0000
1424708949	281006FF01000099	22.9375
1424708969	281006FF01000099	23.0000
1424708979	281006FF01000099	23.0000
1424708989	281006FF01000099	23.0000
1424708999	281006FF01000099	23.0000
1424709009	281006FF01000099	23.0000
1424709019	281006FF01000099	23.0000
1424709029	281006FF01000099	23.0000
1424709039	281006FF01000099	23.0000
1424709049	281006FF01000099	23.0000
1424709059	281006FF01000099	23.0000
1424709069	281006FF01000099	23.0000
1424709082	281006FF01000099	23.0000
1424709093	281006FF01000099	23.0000
1424709102	281006FF01000099	22.9375
1424709112	281006FF01000099	23.0000
1424709122	281006FF01000099	23.0000
1424709132	281006FF01000099	23.0000
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