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CheckPoint VPN client on Mac osX


As other people have, I have trouble with the vpn client from checkpoint. I'm actually using:

“Check Point VPN-1 SecureClient NG with Application Intelligence - R56; Build number:001”

extracted from the package available on the website.

When I turn it on, a strange process named “airport” uses 100% of CPU power. Why do I say strange? Because If I kill it, it doesn't affect my actual airport connection neither my established vpn connection! You can manually kill the process with the terminal (Applications/Utilities/

top -o cpu

and with the pid do:

sudo kill -9 #pid

or use the Command+Option+Escape shortcut to kill (Force to quit) the process if you have the rights to do that!

Resolution 1

The first thing I did is to write a small Automator application that do some stuff automatically. The first one, that I found in the FAQ section of the release_notes.pdf (in /opt/CPsrsc-50) is to avoid SecureClient from starting up automatically when I log in.


if ( -f /Library/Preferences/loginwindow.plist ) then
	source /opt/CPsrsc-50/.cshrc
	StartupItemsMgr remove $SRDIR/bin/

The second one, is to launch and look if the strange “airport” process is present. If it is the case, I kill it!


if [ -d $secureClient ]; then
	open $secureClient
processes=$(ps -A | grep airport | grep -v grep | awk '{ print  $1 }')
for processe in $processes; do
	kill -9 $processe

Resolution 2

It seems that a build 002 is available. But I didn't try it for now!

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