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How to install Exim4 as a satellite


In this document I propose a very simple setup that allows sending email with BASH scripts and PHP web applications. I did so because my IP address was blacklisted by abuseat and my ISP send me an email asking me to correct immediately the problem. The only problem was my missunderstanding of MUA (Mail User Agent) I was using and

In order to clarify this documentation, I propose the following setup:

  • My domain name is not a fully registered FQDN as “” or “” are but rather simply ”.mydomain”.
  • A host named “myserver” in the ”.mydomain” domain working as a web server.
  • An ISP which provides email accounts and so can be used as a “smarthost”.

What is yet on my machine?

Before starting the following setup you can check wich are the email server or MUA you are running by doing:

dpkg -l *ail*
dpkg -l *exim*

which will give you the actual status of your machine.

The installation

This simple setup needs the apt-getting of:

apt-get install exim4 exim4-base exim4-config exim4-daemon-light mailx nail
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