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Listen to Radio Station

This is a list of radios that I like to listen on.


Because I don't want to mix everything up, I put all radio stations inside of a specific file that I called ~/.radioStations. I'm using mplayer to listen to them and in order to make the terminal aware of my radio aliases, I added into my ~/.bashrc file:

test -s ~/.radioStations && . ~/.radioStations


A good widget is WRW - WorldRadio Widget which needs Flip4Mac plugins to work properly.

My "~/.radioStations" file

#My radion Stations
alias rsr1='mplayer'
alias couleur3='mplayer'
alias wrgfm='mplayer'
alias nrj='mplayer mms://'
alias rtl='mplayer'
alias rtl2='mplayer'
alias nostalgie='mplayer mms://'
alias rireetchanson='mplayer mms://'
alias europe1='mplayer mms://'
alias europe2='mplayer mms://'
alias cheriefm='mplayer mms://'
alias francebleu='mplayer'
alias francemusique='mplayer'
alias fip='mplayer'
alias franceculture='mplayer'
alias franceinter='mplayer'
alias lemouv='mplayer'
alias wgar='mplayer'
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