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Short installation tricks

  1. automatix2 How-to install and tweak automatix2 to work with Debian etch.
  2. evolution Online/offline resolution
  3. evolution-aspell Spell checker for evolution mail
  4. java plugin How-to install java on iceweasel
  5. configure QA encountered while using ./configure
  6. ktlight How-to configure and tweak ktlight to work with Debian etch with the KDE desktop
  7. openoffice2 Some tips&tricks for Open Office 2
  8. firefox Firefox/Iceweasel tips&tricks
  9. twoftpd Basic configuration for twoftpd

IBM Blade Center (HS21)

  1. Multipath on debian: How to written by Etienne Bagnoud about multipathing on IBM Blade Center
  2. Multipath on debian script: This is a script written to automatically perform some steps described above in the multipath on debian subject.
  3. Bonding on debian: How to do load balancing and failover on multiple network interfaces.


  1. Installing the TSM Client: How to install the TSM client from RPMs on a Debian ETCH distro.

More specialized stuff

  1. Java installation: How to install java for developer
  2. Install Exim4 as a satellite: How to install Exim4 to work as a “send only” mail server through an ISP.
  3. autofs How-to mount automatically user's home directory through NFS.
  4. network interface How-to map multiple network card to defined configuration
  5. Clamdscan and Inotify A script that look when files are created or modified in a directory and analyses it with an anti-virus
  6. knoppix Preparing/Debugging knoppix to boot through pxe/tftp.
  7. nfsboot Preparing/Debugging linux distro to boot through pxe/tftp.
  8. VPN How to connect to checkpoint
  9. cupsaddsmb My experience with cups printers shared through samba.
  10. samba My experience with samba
  11. Flash Card Preparing a flash card.
  12. EC Printer Configure a CUPS server for the Xerox WorkCenter 7425 with XSA.
  13. CHMOD Rescue How to repair a bad chmod on all the system.
  14. GRUB Some tips and tricks about grub
  15. Linux rights Some tricky things to know about Linux rights
  16. Network interfaces timeout Reduce time required to raise network interfaces


  1. check apcupsd apcupsd plugin for nagios

Some scripts (e.g in bash)

  1. abackup This is a script which performs backups and send it to a remote computer or/and to tapes
  2. cleanMachine A small script to perform virus analysis with clamscan on NTFS formated hard disk (useful with nfsbooted distribution)

Network Tools

  1. network tools What I use to debug my network (MAC/ARP/PING)


  1. comosix quick start A guide of the sequential events for a working coMosix node on Windows XP Pro (english version) SP2/SP3


  1. DD-WRT MyPage How to enable custom pages on a DD-WRT router.


To set the keyboard location to CH-FR in the xorg server (GUI), you need to create the file .xinitrc in your home directory. You must write the following lines :

setxkbmap ch fr
. /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc

Testing server setup

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